We Love Cornrow Hairstyles!

Cornrow hairstyles are really good protective hairstyles to have on. They have no weight on your natural hair so trust, your edges are well covered. Now some people may not know how to pull off this hairstyle. Ladies with round faces and oblong face shapes can rock these cornrow hairstyles below perfectly.

Here Are 3 Cornrow Hairstyles To Consider For Round And Long Face Shapes:
1. Black Up-Do Cornrow Look.

Now if you fall into the round face department, up do cornrow hairstyles are perfect for you. They make your face look slimmer.

2. Burgundy Cornrow Hairstyle.

Apart from the beautiful design at the top of the cornrow hairstyle, the colour of this is perfect! Let’s face it, colour plays a huge role when it comes to hairstyles and face shapes. Burgundy is a good colour when considering cornrows.

cornrow hairstyles for women
3. All Black Flat Cornrows.

After getting your cornrows done, here are ways to care for them.

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